About me

Hey there,

Its really exciting for me that you are visiting this page. Can you believe it??  I THANK YOU for coming here!

This is the part where I go on and on about myself, so for starters I am a Computer Vision Engineer. I grew up when computers were beginning to take over the world, and saw all the transitions they have been through. I am a true believer in the future of technology, therefore I do what I do and I love what I do! I have worked in the past to design Computer Vision algorithms for devices with constraint resources. My future plans are also centered around the same aim.

This blog is an unofficial place where I write about different random things other than my research.

Apart from this, I am a self taught sketch artist, traveller and nature lover. I am also involved in smartphone photography.


  1. I found your answer at [ http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13614886/using-svd-to-compress-an-image-in-matlab ] very useful. Can you help me with the same at Image Compression using DCT and DWT ??

  2. hi, your page seems very helpful, can you help me about running an .exe file in matlab? I am using R2014b x64 matlab and visual studio 2012
    I have a "DenseTrack.exe" file which have a .avi input and a .bin output. opencv 2.4.9 is its dependencies. i just downloaded opencv 2.4.9 and copied its dll files to my exe folder. then, I used "system('DenseTrack.exe' 'inputpath.avi' -o 'outputpath.bin')" in matlab to extract the output bin files, but it dos not work, what is wrong, please help me about this, thank you very much